+ What are the requirements to complete an AOP form?

Items needed to establish paternity (in-hospital):

  • Picture ID and Social Security Number
  • Knowledge of father’s (date of birth, place of birth, highest grade completed, address, employment and insurance information)
  • Witness for signing: biological father – witness generally provided by hospital
  • Items needed to establish paternity (outside of hospital):

  • Picture ID and Social Security Number
  • A legally licensed notary. Both parents must sign this form with two witnesses in the presence of a licensed notary. DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM BEFORE YOU HAVE IT NOTARIZED. Show the notary your picture identification. The notary must write or stamp their State Notary ID Number under their signature.
  • Type or complete the form in black ink. Do not alter the form, use liquid paper, or make any scratch outs. If you make a mistake, start over with a new form.

  • + Is the AOP the right option for me and my child?

    Establishing paternity is an important decision. Completing the AOP form is the quickest and easiest way for unmarried parents to establish legal fatherhood and have the father’s name placed on the birth certificate. Establishing paternity gives you and your child the rights and opportunities you need and deserve.

  • By having his name placed on the birth certificate, the father gains legal rights to his child. His child then has access to benefits such as Social Security, life insurance, military benefits, and inheritances.
  • Your child will also have access to their father’s health insurance as well as both families’ medical histories and lineages.
  • Just as importantly, establishing paternity allows both mother and father to develop an emotional bond with their child and share in the responsibilities and rewards of parenting.
  • If you do have any doubts about who the father of the child is, do not sign the paternity form. You may want to get genetic testing completed before you make a decision.

    + Will the father be required to pay child support if he signs the affidavit?

    No. The father is not immediately ordered to pay child support. In most cases, it will be up to the guardian of the child to request support. However, if you are receiving certain benefits, a father may be required to pay child support. If you have specific questions about your situation, please contact Child Support Enforcement at 1-888- LAHELP-U (1-888- 524-3578) or visit

    + What are the guidelines regarding the type of identification that is acceptable for paternity acknowledgments?

    The general guideline is a valid government issued ID card, with a picture and signature, for example, Driver’s license, employment badge/ID card. An ID card with a signature only is also acceptable, Social Security Card, Voter Registration Card, Medicare Card, etc. However, the appointed notary is the deciding factor in all cases of which ID they feel comfortable affixing their name to. In most cases, if the ID appears to be authentic in nature, does not appear to be tampered with, and has one or both, picture and/or signature, it is acceptable. Check with the hospital’s Birth Certificate Office to confirm what type of ID is accepted. Proper identification is provided. This form is not used to track non-U.S. residents.

    What Is Paternity Establishment & Why Is It Important?

    • Paternity means fatherhood. The establishment of paternity is the process of creating a legal relationship between a father and child when the child’s parents are unmarried. 

    • If a child is born to an unmarried mother, the child does not have a legal father and the father’s name will not appear on the birth certificate unless the parents take steps to establish paternity. 

    • If the mother is married at the time of birth or has been divorced less than 300 days at the time of birth, her husband is the presumed father of the child unless paternity is established for the biological father.

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